Floor Mounted Emergency Shower – Double Control


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Floor mounted emergency overhead shower and eye washer. Foot or hand operation for eye washer with hand operated overhead shower.

Strong and steady structure made of galvanised steel tubes with brass connections and epoxy-coated aluminium base and pedal.

Special shower head delivering a conical deluge by 6 different twisting jets of water

Eye washers are equipped with eye protecting rubber caps and dust covers. They deliver an areated, soft jet of water that is slowed down by an internal flow regulator (to DIN EN 246 standard)

Eye bath is actuated by foot pedal or clearly identified hand lever.

Overhead shower is operated by triangular pull-rod.

Can be disassembled for easy maintenance.

During operation all valves remain open to ensure a continuous flow.

All shower supplied with internationally recognisable identification sign.

Additional information



G1 / OUTLET G1 to be connected to the main drinking water supply.

Minimum Water Pressure

2 Bar

Water Flow

60 litres/min – 12 litres/min for eye-washer


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