Fixed gooseneck tap with fitted DC Type (ASA & AUK3) (1000/590)


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The 1000-590 is manufactured to the highest standards using the very latest in robotic engineering, The tap is manufactured to withstand rigourous use in the most demanding applications. The high quality brass body (P-Cu Zn40 Pb2 UNI 5705-65 Certifications) is Epoxy coated to RAL7001 as standard (light grey).

The regulations state that all laboratories are potentially category 5 high risk contamination areas and as such all taps have the requirement for the prevention of backflow siphonage to be fitted. The 1000-590 has the anti-siphon adaptor with AUK3 airgap fitted as standard and has a 300mm fall height from the end of the nozzle top the worksurface.

Standard water connection to the tap is 1/2″ BSP Male.

*”Type DC – Pipe interrupter with permanent atmospheric vent” means a non-mechanical backflow prevention device with a permanent unrestricted air inlet, the device being installed so that the flow of water is in a vertical downward direction.

**Type AUK3 – Higher risk tap gap” means the height of an air gap between the lowest part of the outlet of a tap, combination fitting, shower head or other fitting discharging over any appliance or other receptacle, and the spillover level of that appliance, where a fluid category 4 or 5 risk is present downstream,

For further information please consult the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999

The complete laboratory tap and faucet fitting line guarantees maximum reliability and functionality.

Complies with international standards
Interchangeable components
Made in brass (P-Cu Zn40 Pb2 UNI 5705-65)
Epoxy coating in RAL 7001
Functioning from -30°C to 150 °C
Very High Chemical Resistance
Saline fog test: no change
Kesternich test: no change
DIN 50018 standard
Ergonomic handles with media colour coding according to standard DIN 13792

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