Ultrasonic Chemicals

Optimum results with the cleaning in ultrasonic baths require the application of appropriate cleaning agents. These must be especially adjusted for the “ultrasonic method”. The agents have to remove the soiling thoroughly and at the same time be gentle to the material parts to be cleaned and the ultrasonic bath components such as the oscillating tub, immersible transducers, heating elements etc.

The complex modern range of UltraClean products provides optimum agents for every purpose. This protects nature and saves money whilst achieving optimum cleaning performance. Many industrial and household cleaners are not suitable for use in an ultrasonic cleaner. They can contain aggressive compounds, for example certain acids or chloride ions, which can attack the stainless steel of the oscillating tub. Also, they do not support the ultrasonic effect. With the use of water without any appropriate surfactant, ultrasonic cleaning is not possible. Solvents like gasoline, alcohol, acetone etc. must never be used in ultrasonic baths directly because of the flammability and explosion hazard.

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